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PTB Labor Omnia Vincit 2013

“PTB Labor Omnia Vincit” is a transmedia installation iteration of Pine Tree Ballads focusing on generational labor, the materiality of the family archive, an act of history, and the imaginary. 


(materials include: distressed color and B/W photographs in antique gold frames 13”x15” to 6”x7”, 9' drywall panel with plaster painting, colored lighting and nightlight, axe, engraved chopping block, firewood, deconstructed tarp hanging with mylar, 16‘x20’ color photograph, (6) 16"x20" silver sparkled B/W photographs, yellow rope, work gloves, iron wedge, 3400 lbs salt, caged light, decaying moss and black pepper aromas)  Installation Dimensions: 6’ x 15’ hallway, 20’ x25’ main gallery 

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