is a futuristic photographic narrative influenced by Leo Marx's theory of “the machine in the garden." The images reveal a contradictory "middle landscape" characterized as a lush untamed wilderness under the dominion of a mechanized society. The images are created through a process of traditional color photography and digital montage. Each image comprises of a fusing of multiple images of the American landscape, thrift store items, industrial machine parts, animals and people.


The suggested form and materiality of the residual trinkets and broken bits of industrial design insinuate an ever lingering and threatening idealogy supporting mass production and rampant consumerism. The well-being of the natural world and health of future generations rests in the hands of a re-imagined eco-industry capable of transforming our ethical expectations and responsibilities for the machines we engage on a daily basis..This  series elicits one to seriously reconsider and challenge present day waste generating machines and naive consumption attitudes. 

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